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Everything is Somewhere has a simple approach, work with clients to add and create value. Having worked as a Chartered Surveyor for over 20 years I believe the following values are key - Integrity, Trustworthy, Reliability and Professionalism. Our aim is to work with clients to deliver the desired results. Everthing is Somewhere provides services in three key areas.




Securing planning permission can be a protracted process and often requires significan t technical input. Working in partnership with our clients is important and often key to securing the desired result. Some projects can take time to achieve and on occassions require working with other consultancy services. Whether working on our own or with other practices we provide a complete service and will project manage the task to it's conclusion.

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UAV's provide an excellent platform for taking aerial images, both stills and video, and have a multitude of uses from property inspections to promotional work.

In addition multiple images can be captured to create seamless true vertical imagery as well as creating digital surface models and 3D models.

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GIS & Mapping is playing a greater part in our lives every day and will continue to increase its influence. Everything in the physical environment is somewhere on this planet. Visualising data and information on maps allows it to be displayed, interrogated and analysed in ways which could benefit your business. GIS software can be used in any number of ways from analysing where you markets and customers are to providing detailed property information for an individual property.

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