Property development creates significant value for land owners. We have helped secure planning permissions for a wide range of uses.

The planning process is complex and takes time. Everything is Somewhere works with clients from the onset of projects through to the application submission, securing and thereafter implementing the consent. This process will often involve securing aditional technical reports to support the application and we will co-ordinate this.

The image left shows a "major" development which we secured permission for in 2018 and is currently being built. We worked closely with the client, Litecast, the planning authority and stakeholders and were fortunate to secure permission under delegated powers. To help with the planning application we produced a video outlining the scheme which was sent to the Planning Committee when the application was submitted. Video can be seen here

Property Management

Managing "property" is wide ranging from day to day activities on site to managing tenants and occupiers. We are involved in a wide range of work from overseeing construction projects, including site restoration as shown here, to negotiating new leases for occupiers.

Much of this work is long term and having a good working relationship with all parties and stakeholders is key.

Acquisitions, Due Dilgence and Disposals


Everything is Somewhere is experienced at underaking due diligence for the acquisition of property whether as a seperate transaction or part of a larger corporate deal. Due diligence can be compared with "seeing the wood for the trees" and the aim is to ensure that the purchaser is aware of the issues, risks and liabilities that could come with a single or multiple property transaction. Attention to detail is important with due diligence but also balancing this issues or liabilites against the overall benefits and value that the deal adds toi the current business.

Due diligence requires those involved in the transcation process to work as a team. Timeliness is key and delivering information and reports so as not to delay the transaction is critical. 

I am a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and comply with their professional standards which evolve around integrity, professionalism, trust, respect for others and acting responsibly.

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