New Mac Ordered

August 16, 2023

My iMac 27 is getting old, purchased in 2015 and at times struggling. A new Mac Studio is on its way.


Drones & Conservation

April 05, 2023

I am pleased to have been commissioned to undertake a photogrammetry survey for a nature reserve by a nationally recognised conservation body. The primary use of the survey will be to map the extent of various types of flora & fauna and thereafter undertake repeat surveys to track progress. A programme of planting has been underway for some time to extend various habitats.


Todays job setting new paddocks for a dairy unit

February 01, 2023

I have undertaken a photogrammetry survey, helped the farmer design the new grazing platform and now its time to set out the new paddocks.


Time to invest in a New Drone

September 21, 2022

With further instructions received for site surveys I have invested in a Sensefly Ebee X to expand capabilty for covering multiple large sites. Whilst Phantom 4 Pro's are an excellent workhorse the Ebee X will allow the more efficient capture of imagery.


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