I run both Mac's and Windows PC's as I can't find software which does everything I need to do. The Mac is primarily used for video and photograph editing as I like using Final Cut Pro. I have tried Premiere Pro but don't get on with it. The Mac has done well and its the second Mac desktop I have had. It was originally supplied with a "Fusion Drive" but that did fail a couple of years ago and replaced with a 2Tb SSD. It has 32Gb of RAM.

Over the interveening period Mac performance has increased significantly with the arrival of the M1 and M2 chips. I have tried a Mac Studio briefly and it was certainly impressive. I have ordered it with 64Gb RAM to be on the safe side as you can't upgrade the RAM seeing as it part of the chipset.

I shoot and edit all my video work in 4k and on some of the larger jobs have the problem with buffering so I am looking forward to the big performance upgrade.

I will be buying a 3rd party monitor, at £1900 (if you include the height adjustment) its a bit pricey.

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