GIS Market Analysis - Case Study 1

By the very nature of the work it is not possible to provide detailed case studies as the data is or can be commercially sensitive.


Everything is Somewhere were tasked with analysing sales for a number of manufacturing sites located over a wide geographical area and to a large number of customers. Whilst the client had access to the data this was in a tabular format with not spatial context. The data was cleansed and georeferenced using post codes to determine the point of sale. From this initial work suppling sites and customers were linked using spider diagrams to provide a visual snapshot of the annual sales. From this the sales data was analysed in much greater detail and maps provided identifying “hot spots” and "cold spots", volumes of sales normalised by various parameters and also sales value and contribution. 

The resulting data enables to client to have a better understanding of the business and identified areas for further sales growth. In addition a greater understanding of the distribution and transport savings were identified.

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