Donington Park - Race Days

In 2011 Everything is Somewhere was commissioned to prepare and submit a planning application to increase the number of race days at Donington Park. Planning conditions from various previous permissions and an appeal decision restricted the use number of race days to 40 per annum but importantly any of the races could involve “unsilenced cars". In addition there were other conditions which controlled the noise levels other days. 

Over a period of 12 months studies were undertaken to understand the noise emanating from various track activities for both cars and bikes. From this comprehensive work and noise modelling a proposal was put to the planning authority to increase the number of race days from 40 to 60 but with a range of noise levels imposed and we were able to demonstrate that the overall noise impact was actually less than having all the race days “unsilenced”. Planning permission was granted for a two year trial period. Subsequently a further application for a permanent consent was submitted and approved.

Prior to submitting these applications we assisted Donington Park in implementing a Noise Management Plan for the race track activities which introduced a comprehensive management controls to ensure noise impact is minimised.

The noise management and the planning applications for this project involved significant stakeholder engagement and this continues today.

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