Donington Park - Property Records and GIS 

Donington Park reopened in Autumn 2010, prior to this the site was let to a third party who had aspirations to hold the GB F1 Grand Prix at Donington Park. Unfortunately the company involved fell into administration. A new managment team was been established and inherited a business with no property (or any other) records.

Everything is Somewhere implemented a GIS System to record the property interests and site infrastructure for the whole site. The physical assets have been mapped and historic paper records transferred into an electronic environment.

The biggest part of the task was the the records available were either missing, held in various formats and of variable quality or worst case not recorded at all. Initial work concentrated on making an inventory of what was available an d determining a programme for capturing the data in the GIS system. Ordnave Surevy Mastermap was acquired for the site as well as commissioning a detailed topographical survey.


The GIS application initially was used to record property and planning information and was quickly expanded to include the site infrastructure. This includes comprehensive details of for example all drainage and electrical/data lines. In addition all "track data" has been captured which includes for example safety fencing and barriers, timing equipment, marshall points etc.

By having all of the data captured electronically it enables detailed maps and plans to be produced for a wide range of purposes. These include everything from plans required for day to day management to comprehensive Event Masterplan’.

This level of detail and the ability to produce quality plans has assisted Donington Park in discussions with the FIA and FIM with regard to their track licensing.

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