What are the legal rules for flying Drones?

There is much bad press about the use of drones and UAV’s. However there are many professional operators who have the requisite approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. To enable to use a drone commercially the operator requires a “Permit for Aerial Work” which is granted following the necessary training including a flight test.

The key limitations for flying a drone are;

  • The drone must be visible at all times (in line of sight)
  • Flown to a maximum distance of 500m from the operator
  • Flown to a maximum height of 400 ft
  • The drone must not get closer than 50m to any vessel, vehicle or structure not in control of the operator
  • Must not be flown over a “congested area”, for example settlements, roads, railway lines
  • Must not be flown within 150m of any open air assembly of more than 1000 people

In addition to the above full insurance has to be carried by the operator to fly the drone, this a requirement of the CAA. We have £5m cover.

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