From the number of enquires being received there appears to be an understanding that in many cases UAV derived data is efficient and cost effective. Over the past week enquiries have been received for two quarries, a landfill operation and three development sites. Two of these enquiries have already been given the go ahead. 

Everything is Somewhere have found that the majority of clients benefit from a range of outputs which at first they may not have seen a need for. For survey work the usual outputs are orthomosaics, DSM's and point clouds all provided to British National Grid. Of these outputs the orthomosaics are very popular in light of the high definition and that they can be used in many different ways. Whilst on site capturing survey data we always collect a range of general stills and video footage of the site. We believe that the additional time to collect the additional outputs benefits the client.

One client who commissioned a large survey job undertaken last year found that by using the video and stills imagery it has avoided the need for some site visits. Saves time and money when your office is two hours from the site.

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