When seeking to secure planning permssion for a new development and therefater during the development stakeholder engagment is an important part of the process. Planning legislation has for a long while required those seeking planning permission to engage with neighbours and those affected by the development. For larger schemes effective engagement can help influence the overall design. Between the initial proposal and the actual application the developer may incorporate revised layouts or design to address concerns.

Once planning permission is secured this often isn't the end of the process. The development could take a long time to build and contractors will want to be "good neighbours". In the case of the quarrying and landfill sectors in particular stakeholder engagement often continues throughout the life of the development. 

Everything is Somewhere has been engaged to undertake regular UAV flights of various construction projects including a major new residential development at New Lubbesthorpe. This site on the western margin of Leicester will see 4,250 homes built along with schools, a local centre and the associated infrastructure. The UAV imagery is used in conjunction with Geographical Information Systems to monitor consctruction progress. This GIS incorporates all of the data associated with the site from underground assets (eg water mains), ecological important areas through to construction details. The GIS software used, ESRI's ArcGIS, includes a facility for creating online "Story Maps". These maps can incorporate all sorts of media and don't actually need to include any maps at all.

The example which can be seen here New Lubbesthorpe Story May Jan 2017 shows development progress on the site.

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