Over the past 10 or so years I have got through a few. I don't have a big need fpr priniting but sometimes it is essential. A simple Canon I had years ago ago was good but limited funtionality. Then I got the noisiest HP which was forever going through a cleaning routine plus would drop the wi-fi signal all too often. Current one (well it is going today) is an Epson WF 7620. I haven't liked this one after about a month of ownership. It packed up and I got it replaced, should have gone for the refund. Print quailty pretty avaeage, toner catridges £££. 2nd paper tray packed up working a while back and quote for repair was not worth it. After printing some documents yesterday had enough so it is going to day. To be replaced by a Brother MFC6530DW, I hope I have more success with this one.

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