Visited an excellent planning event yesterday to see the proposed mixed use scheme for a site known as "Barton's Quarter". The property owners (Barton plc) and developers (Farland Developments) and working in conjunction with the Prince's Foundation are bringing forward a mixed use scheme for a brownfield site in the centre of Breaston.

The site was formerly a bus depot and is now an under utilsed site in the centre of the town. The event set out the proposed development and at the same time provided the background to the design principals drawing from the local vernacular. In addition to this visitors had the opportunity to comment on any aspect of the scheme that the liked or disliked by using a simple system of post it notes. Some interesting comments and generally a lot of support for the proposed development. 

The BIMBY concept was used "Beauty in my Backyard" and part of this is engaging with the local community. In this case the response was high given the number of people who attended.

I do have an interest in this project as a shareholder of Barton's but as a chartered surveyor engaged in planning this was a well organised and thought though event. The site has had a chequered planning history but given its location and its brownfield status to me it does tick "all the boxes". Barton's Quarter is one of those sites that really does need to be developed and help to enhance Breaston.

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