Over the past ten years we initlally used Windows PC's and then moved over to Apple products. We have a good specifisction desktop, a Mac Book Pro, various iPads and and iPhone. They all work well together and have been very reliable. The one downside is that photogrammetry and GIS software used are Windows products but can be used on Apple hardware by using emulation software of running Windows natively. Either way the hardware isn't tuned to run these software applications at their best.

In light of this we have purchased a worksation from Chillblast which has been specifically designed for the type of work undertaken. This new computer will be dedicated for carrying out photogrammetry processing and subsequent analysis using GIS. It will be capable of proceesing large data sets and handling equally large point clouds, many of these exceed 250m points. The increased processing power and capability will allow us to turn jobs around quicker.

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