This project brings together UAV's and GIS. I have just completed flying a 385 acre farm and have produced an accurate orthomosaic at 3.5cm resolution. This image is then being used in GIS to accurately map the 50+ "paddocks" that make up the farm. In addition I am capturing additional infrastructure data such as roads, water troughs, pipelines etc.

The farmer who has 390 dairy cattle uses the New Zealand grazing system which maximises the use of the land. Effectively each paddock is grazed for one day (all grass eaten off) and then left for 24/28 days before being grazed again. I will be producing accurate plans of the farm which will be laminated and mounted so that the farm plans will be available for all the staff to see. Determining accurate paddock sizes is key to getting the balance correct to the number of cattle so that they get the right amount of grass/dry matter each day.

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