Everything is Somewhere were commissioned to capture a wide range of imagery for a potential development site extending to 260 acres including a site survey. With the weather conditions the UK has been experiencing over the past week finding good flying conditions was a challenge. The work included a full site survey where ground controls were used to ensure data accuracy as well as capturing oblique imagery, a panorama and video footage. These data sets were all subject to further processing and analysis before delivery to the client.

The oblique imagery and video allow the Project Team to have access to pictures of the whole site takem from a number of different perspectives. The site survey resluted in the capture of c2,500 true vertical images (equaring to 12Gb) which were stitched together to create one seemless orthomosaic. Uisng photogrammetry a DEM was produced as well as a 3D model. Data has provided to the client in various formats. The RMSE results for the survey were <45mm in x/y and 10mm in z.

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