This will be the tenth year since I left the corporate world and set up Everything is Somewhere. Every Summer is the same in that work is quiter as most people quite rightly take a break. It gives me time to catch up and aslo take some time off myself.

Over the past two months I have been working on a number of key ongoing projects. One of those will culminate in a planning application being submitted shortly which I will post further information on in due course. In addition UAV (aka drone) work has continued at a pace with plenty of instructions. I have completed a number of marketing jobs capturing imagery for sales particulars, both on line and hardcopy brochures. Like many other drone operators early starts are often the key to capturing images before too many people are about. In addition to the usual UAV commissions (site surveys, construction monitoring) I have also undertaken two jobs where the objective has been to identify in one case historic buildings and in the second drains. The drought has, in both of these cases, allowed these features to be easily seen from the air and thereafter mapped.

Unusually I have also turned down the opportunity to work with two different clients. One of them simply because I was not prepared to carry out a property inspection as in my opinion the flight couldn't be conducted safely and in compliance CAA rules. The second was quite different. In this case there were a number of reasons. The potential client has a lengthy procurement process  and one which is expensive for the supplier. However the main reason is the payment terms which in my opinion are unacceptable long. A shame but it didn't make business sense.

Further blog to follow in next week or two on the planning application.

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