I have always had an interest in keeping relatively fit but was never that bothered about weight. For many years I used to run at least 4 times a week and usually first thing in the morning (6.00 am) and all year round. Many years ago I got into indoor rowing and brought a Concept 2. I wanted a change from running. I was and still am pretty average at 2,000m and never really did any decent times. I was though better at 10k and on the "on line" ranking managed to get down to the 38th quickest for my weight/age group. That was a sub 38 minute time.  I have also cycled a lot.

I have continued to exercise and over the past few years have done more cycling. The cycling is mainly leisure rides doing anything between 10 and 50 miles. I have also tried to do as many trips as possible by bike which are less than 5 miles - all sorts of errands/shopping etc etc which I would usually use a car for. Since January I have increased my running and rowing which is mainly due to getting a Fitbit for Christmas. I usually exercise 5 days a week, sometimes more. Over the 6 months my resting heart rate has continued to fall which is a pretty good indicator of overall fitness. 

As you can see from the image on a good day I am at 42BPM. My target was 40 by July 1st so still pretty pleased. When I was doing lots of distance rowing I was down to 36BPM. Still would be nice to get a bit lower.

In parallel with increased fitness I have also made a push on the weight front. Cakes, puddings and snacks are my downfall. Since January 1st when I hit 13st 9lbs I have reduced (got to be some indulgence) but not elimated them. I am not into "diets" or for that matter not into "sell by" or "eat by" dates either. Simple look/smell test does me.

The good news it has worked and I am now 12st 1lb with the July 1st target being 12st. New target will have to be 11st something.

Just goes to show that few lifestyle changes can make a substantial difference. Slow and steady changes as opposed to mad rush diets and exercise regimes work for me and hopefully I can continue with it.

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