Breedon Aggregates - Auditing

Everything is Somewhere Ltd and James Quarry Consultancy were originally commissioned in 2011 to assist in implementing a major new initiative for Breedon Aggregates to measure their HSE performance. 

An initial base line audit was completed in 2011 and since then an annual rolling audit programme has taken place. A standard methodology was adopted and a summary score sheet used to benchmark sites. The audit process takes into account the usual HSE parameters, but also focuses on good housekeeping and operational standards.

Outputs from the audits were written reports, with a large number of photographs to provide clear evidence of both good and poor “findings". Feedback is provided during the audit as well as to the management team. Thanks to Breedon’s flat management structure, the implementation of best practice and improvements is addressed very quickly.

A new base line of audits is being undertaken in 2015.

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