Well a couple of years have passed since purchasing my iMac and today a nice new one has been delivered. The reason I have found it necessary to upgrade is that I am doing much more 3D work and 4k video editing which I wasn't expecting to be doing 2 years ago. 

Apple as always have excelled. I spoke to them a few times to get the specification right. It was built to order with the order being placed on Monday eveing. Being impatient I was already looking for delivery information on Tuesday and found that for some reason my payment hadn't gone through. Co-incidentally my bank contacted me to say they had stpped my card. In short the person at Apple had incorrectly enetred some data and in light of this the card was automatically stopped. 

First of all I got the card sorted. I then phoned Apple who were extemely apologetic. They had aimed to deliver on July 22nd, the delay in paying meant delay in building so delay in delivery. They therefore expedited the order in was built on Wednesday (China?) shipped and arrived earlier today.

On delivery I couldn't find the mouse and trackpad. Searched the box a few times. Phoned Apple (Dublin) to explain the problem. A very nice lady in a very broad accent dealt with the call which went along the lines;

Apple - Have you checked everywhere "to be sure to be sure"?

Me - Yes, checked everywhere

AppIe - I see your company name is "Everything is Somewhere" and this mouse is somewhere

Me - Yes but not here

Apple - So it's not in the big box, have you looked in the little box?

Me - The only other little box is the one for the keyboard

Apple - Take a look then

Me - Oh...... (embarassed)...... thanks

Apple - Best thing for a Friday afternoon is a Guiness, anything else you need help with?

 Fantastic customer support.

All I have to do now is set it up.

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