I have shown below a few images captured over the past couple of months. 

The first is a former industrial site. This image is one small part of a very large site. You can clearly see a grid of uniform sizes. There were formerly buildings here. Then there are the black areas within the grid which on the ground looks like oil staining. Were there machines in each of the areas or could they be trafficed with footfall? 

The second image is of an upland moor taken from a height of 80 metres. The left hand two thirds of the image is a plateau area covered with a thick matt of grass mixed in with mosses. Within the area there were small areas of slightly higher ground and depressions of about 300mm which can be seen. Difficult terrain to cross. On the right side the vegetation changes colour and this is the outer slope of the plateau with the land falling away at almost 45 degrees.

The third and forth images were from a coastal location. The image on the left caught my eye in light of the symmetry with the open sea to the left, a water body to the right with the sea wall, road, fences and other land in between. The image on the right was on interest observing the wave movement. The wave line is quite curved which will reflect the seabed but also rebound water movement can also be seen.


The final image is another industrial site with concrete products shown stacked in rows with a side loader in the centre with the side driver standing to the bottom side. All grey except for the odd bit of colour.

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